An Event at September 21, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Forum Lingkar Pena (FLP) Bandung and Salman Films established an event titled as “AnakMuda, Film, dan Dakwah: Antara Nagabonar Jadi 2, Ayat-ayat Cinta dan Sang Murabbi“. The event was held at Auditorium Abu Bakar Salman ITB (2nd floor), and scheduled to start from 08.00 am – 03.00 pm. Well, honestly, everything in action was not predictable by us, FLP members that also become the committees.

At the night before, I didn’t sleep until 01.30 am. I was ordered to type the data of participants who had registered until last afternoon to attend the event. Let’s see how much… 154 persons! Fhew… I typed their names, addresses or communities, email addresses, phone numbers and arranged the data in certain columns and rows. Thanks to my friend who had lent me her computer.

At around 07.20 o’clock on the morning I printed the data at the computer rental nearby and hurried up to photocopy a blank form for participants who had not registered before. But I couldn’t find any place to photocopy opened. Well, I had forgotten one important phenomenon: This is Sunday, girl! This awareness made me confused. I was awaited, so I decided to go to Salman without copying the form.

There, on the receptionist table several participants had queued up to register or reregister. The chairman of the event organizer was looked busy serving them. Minutes later, I was on the receptionist table and busy serving guests with data form papers that weren’t arranged so well in my hands. Fortunately, finally there was time to arrange the papers on the table. It helped me so much. And then another FLP member came and helped me too.

One by one or in groups the participants and the guests came. This condition continued until the clock showed 9, 10, 10.30… What was this? The agenda was start on nine. I wanted to watch it too… I had sat here for hours. I was bored. I missed several performance arts that opened the event. I missed nasheed performance from SMU PGII 2, theatrical poem performance from my friends in FLP Bandung, behind the scene screening of Nagabonar Jadi 2 movie, and I didn’t know what else.

When finally I entered the auditorium, the talkshow had been in half of progress. The main speakers were Arief Gustaman (Citra Cinema), Yus R Ismail (a movie reviewer, a member of Forum Film Bandung), Ustadz Darlis Fajar (a member of DPRD Jabar), Muhammad Yulius (the chairman of Majelis Budaya Rakyat, the Scriptwriter of Sang Murabbi movie), and Zul Ardhia
(the Director of Sang Murabbi). The moderator was M Irfan Hidayatullah (The chairman of FLP). The focus of talkshow was about how a movie could be called as Islamic movie (a movie that contained dakwah), regarding the recent movie phenomenon in Indonesia: the emergences of movies wrapped in Islamic clothes or symbols since the success of Ayat-ayat Cinta that sucked up to 3,7 million of movie viewers. Though, all of the main speakers agreed that Nagabonar Jadi 2 was more religious than Ayat-ayat Cinta. One of the participant said that we should keep in mind what called a religious movie was not a movie that full of religious symbols. But it was a movie that offered a process to reach self-religiousity awareness, or self-actualization. Sang Murabbi itself was pronounced by Zoel Ardia as a movie that based on Islamic ideology since before, in, until after the production of the movie. He said that Sang Murabbi was made for limited communities for first, and for next time Sang Murabbi will be accomodated for more general society consumption.

The talkshow was cut by Zuhur prayer. Well, the agenda was out of the planned schedule. The talkshow was continued after having midday prayer and ended on around 14.00 o'clock. Then the art and cultural festival was performed. There were so many artists, especially poets read their unique and eccentrique poems. But I didn't know before if there would be such many poets gave their performance. Their performance were good, even some were brilliant. But I was bored, though, because the art performance took such a long time. I kept wondering when was this over, because I was awaiting the movie scriptwriting workshop session to begin. Well, actually, the workshop was not began until after Ashar prayer had performed. Hfff... so, during the art performance that seemed never end, I decided to read. Well, I didn't learn yet for exam tomorrow. O... ow....

It was a tiring day. But we -my friends in FLP Bandung and I, were happy because of the success of the event we organized. The number of participants were meet our target, and it was more than any event we organized before. And they were enthusiasthic. There were also guests from mass media. See the report here.


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