The Kite Runner Movie

I've read the book and found that it's one of the best novels I've ever read. But Let's talk about the movie... I think the movie wasn't as good as the book in representing the emotions fulfilled the whole story. I was somewhat disappointed because that's the point I marked as the power of the book. When I read the book, I can feel the emotions coloring the flow of the story so clearly. I can't find the same feeling in the movie. I think the emotions expressed by the actors wasn't totally reflected. This is my opinion. Though overall, the point of story well described in the movie. And I like the pictures... the visualization is great, especially when the kites fly over the sky. The visualization is amazing.

Still, I appreciate the movie so much. This is the great movie talking about friendship, brotherhood, atonement of sins on the past, betrayal, pains... A touching story of childhood memory in Afghanistan... The land of 1000 kites before the reigns turned it out to be the land of 1000 ruins =(


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