The Beginning

It's only the beginning

When I try to open my eyes

And I see the world

Without knowing which part I belong to

So I begin to walk...

Just following wherever the sunlight shows the way

But when the way asks me my destiny,

I can only say my destiny is somewhere when I find a place while my steps begin to slow down...and stop

Stop for a while,

So I can ask, I can think, I can learn

From the journey I left behind

And when I find the answers, I start continuing my journey

Until I arrive at my true destiny

'Cause this time I've already knew...

Yes, my TrUe DeStiNy

But if I find the answer is 'this is not my way....

this is not the way that lead to my purposes....

this isn't my true world...'

And I'm aware I'm lost,

I start walking in the direction where I'm sure it's right

With my awareness that 'it's only the beginning'

Yes, It's only the beginning

Where I start making my own way

With a promise, 'This time I'll watch my steps and find the true...'

It's the beginning to find,

It's the beginning to read,

It's the beginning to understand,

And it's the beginning to reach...

the true life, -


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